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Your Property Success is an online step-by-step framework that helps homeowners and investors buy the right property at the right price. Visit for more.
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Over the last 20 years I have studied the property markets and shared with my friends and family, and then clients and students my observations. Over the years this has developed into a low risk assessment system that assists in looking at the factors that make a successful property investment.


The Suburb Selector Software, which is part of the Location Masterclass Course, takes a carefully curated feed of data each month from SQM Research for all the Capital Cities in Australia and the major satellite regional cities, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat. This information is combined with the census and ATO data to give a super quick overview of suburbs. Combine that with my 10+ criteria for growth based property success and this allows you to quickly filter down to a suburb that requires your particular attention, even down to the streets the renters want to live in and the most in demand property.


Over the years I have found that often the rigor of the research tends to be a bit much for some people and they lose focus and just ‘settle’ on an area or property… and then regret it.


Hence this is where the Gold and Diamond “Where to Buy” Services can support your search. With the Gold service you get access to 10 videos explaining various property search techniques and strategies you can apply plus access to my Your Property Success Club with monthly ‘Ask me anything’ Q&A’s which has been running for 9 years – and you can even go back through the archives and check out those conversations.


The Diamond package is all that and the full Location Masterclass Course! With access for the year to the course and the Suburb Selector Software mentioned above.


For both packages I am also going to cover 3 months of access to the National coverage of RPData Professional – plus tutorials on how to use many of the professional features, just reserved for real estate agents and mortgage brokers, so you can fully utilise this tool to find your suburb and property. It even generates desk top valuations for you, and allows you to use the Mobile App on the go for quick on the spot assessments and valuations …. as well as sending you alerts when a property, that meets your buying criteria, comes on the market.


BUT here is the kicker! For both packages you get a 45min zoom(recorded) with me, Jane Slack-Smith, so come armed with your borrowing capacity and purchase price as I will run my ‘behind the scenes’ version of the Suburb Selector Software that also incorporates my ‘Pricing Pressure Algorithm” (a digital dot map for those in the know) and we can nut out a short list of suburbs in your price range. Yep I do it all for you saving you hours. Then it is up to you to go deep on the research and fine tune your list and come up with 3-5 suburbs to start your search. (PS we can apply the exact technique to properties in your portfolio… to paraphrase The Clash “should they stay or should they go now…”)


This will save you months of wasted time ( and often chew up your pre-approval time).


So let’s get together and get you on the path to Your Property Success!!

Jane Slack-Smith
Property Expert, Educator & Mentor

CoreLogic RPData Access for the term of your 3 month pre-approval

Not only will you get access to RPData Nationally but you will also get tutorials to show how to setup alerts, do your own valuations and analyse properties.

Strategy Call

Once you know your borrowing capacity and we have started your application then you can book a  Strategy Call so together we can use all our tools, resources and knowledge to assist you with your Suburb Selection and help create your Buying Criteria

Your Property Success Club

Access to 10 short property investing online video courses, Access to our amazing private Facebook community and monthly Q&A Group mentoring calls. Plus 4 years of past mentoring calls. Check out all the details here of this amazing Club

Location Masterclass

12 months access to Location Masterclass
Access to our premium Location Masterclass online course valued at $995 pa including The Suburb Selector Software PLUS ongoing access to YPS Club, 10 short property investing online video courses, Access to our amazing private Facebook community and monthly Q&A Group mentoring calls. Plus 8 years of past mentoring calls.



(Inc. GST)





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