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Your Property Success is an online step-by-step framework that helps homeowners and investors buy the right property at the right price. Visit for more.
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Applications currently closed.

Mentoring with Jane

Time is your only real asset, so why waste it?

Work Directly With Jane To Find Your Next Property Portfolio Purchase

Jane’s Mentoring Program is for people just like you. People with big dreams, but busy lives. People who want to achieve what matters most, but struggle to find the time to do the research properly or have a fear of failure.

People who want to achieve financial freedom for themselves and their family, but know they need help to speed things up before more time is lost.

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Would You Like To Remove The Uncertainty Of Where To Invest?

Finding the time to research and find the right area to invest can be overwhelming and the stress of trying to purchase the perfect investment property can be crippling…

The truth is, it takes a lot of knowledge, time and energy to research and find good investment grade suburbs within your budget and find them before they are on every investor’s radar and the price goes through the roof!

Every single year thousands of investors risk tens (or even hundreds) of thousand of dollars by gambling that they have the right property in the right location. Many people look at their current portfolio and wonder if it is really going to create the dream life they deserve and have worked so hard for.

Consider having a property expert on your side, every step of the way. Buying your next property with confidence or evaluating your current properties to identify your portfolio killers...

Imagine how easy it would be if a millionaire investor with 20 years experience could research and assist you choose your next investment property…

Now imagine if this could be completed without you sacrificing any of your family time or turning your lifestyle completely upside down. While at the same time avoiding costly investment decisions that arise from misinformation, hearsay and guesswork.

Read on to discover Jane’s Mentoring Program

Hi, I’m Jane Slack Smith

I’ve built a multi million dollar property portfolio over the last 20 years using a repeatable, date-driven process for choosing exactly where to buy.

Now, I’d like to do the exact same thing with YOU.

I’d like to help you find the right property for a capital-growth strategy, that’s most likely to outperform the market and set you on a path to financial freedom over the next 10-15 years.

And over the 12 months you get constant support, one on one time, group learning’s, weekly time to ask your questions, monthly Q&A’s, face to face group events and of course access to all my resources, digital dot maps, updated monthly suburb lists, a curated suburb list researched just for you, property reviews and access to my connections and courses.

You get access to me personally!

I only work with a carefully selected small group of people at any one time.

After all if I am working so closely with people I want them to get the results and this takes time so I can only concentrate on a small number of clients, you won’t get moved along to someone else.

If you would like to join me then let me show you how.

Learn More About Jane’s Story

My Signature Method to property success

…and your path to financial freedom


We design the life your desire and deserve

To start with, we have an initial Vision Session and we get super clear on what type of lifestyle you are aiming for. This exercise alone has been one of the most powerful for all mentoring students. Getting super clear on what you want for many is a lightning moment. So do you know what you want?

Would you like to retire in 10 years? Travel to Europe? Start a passion based business or leave a great legacy for your kids? Whatever your goals – and whatever your investment journey has been so far, we will make a rock solid plan to achieve your goals with a property portfolio being part of your plan.

As you can see I am a deep believer in creating your own destiny and this is about mindset. Throughout the entire 12 months together we will focus on your property plan but also I will be giving you support with mindfulness, and vision.


In depth research + analysis

Once we have your end goal, we come back to now and work out what is your current reality. Where is the gap and how do we create a plan to get to your goals. There is nothing airy fairy about it. In this second one on one session you walk away with the plan.

The Strategy Session is powerful, this is where the rubber meets the road. Together I will use all of my resources, algorithms and knowledge to create a short list of suburbs designed just for you to fit your goals and budget.

Then you get to work researching areas that fit your needs using my comprehensive evidence based process that you get access to through my courses.

We’ll first look at the past capital growth trends and explore evidence of the “Ripple Effect” and pricing pressure, to map out up-and-coming growth corridors. All the things that I have been teaching for over 15 years and thousands have benefited by but you get a personalised curated experience.

Don’t forget there is a weekly group ‘open office’, a Facebook private group, a monthly group Q&A and accountability session and if that is not enough you also get access to me via a ‘walkie talkie’ type App that allows us to instant message…oh and I forgot to mention we also meetup 3 times a year for a group get together. You get the benefit of being part of a like minded group and join their journey as well.


Up to date market research

You also get access to up to date market analysis, software from the most trusted researchers and data providers in the industry – like RP Data, SQM Research, Ripehouse, Terry Ryder’s Hotspotting reports, and Location Score. You get invited to our mastermind sessions where we discuss the impact of events and market changes (yep I am referring to Covid-19) on the future of the property market and our investment strategies.

All of this data and information will go into your suburb and property selection. I’ll analyse and crosscheck this data so when we are assessing your shortlist of suburbs we are looking to the long term end goal but with the reality of the current market.


We create laser focus on your search

Once you have the shortlist of suburbs, which are capital growth driven, and have had my 30 suburb filters for low-risk investing applied not to mention the latest in market research and opinion then the fun begins.

I create for you alerts for the typical property in your target suburbs (and even rental rich areas within your suburb) to give you the jump on the market, when a property comes up you will be first to know.


When the gem appears you can pounce

Having an unfair advantage on the rest of the market you then have the opportunity to plan your next step. I am beside you every step of the way helping you assess the property and how it fits your buying criteria and how it helps you achieve your long term goal. Sometimes you just need a second set of eyes.

These deal reviews remove the emotion and give you clarity


Locking it in

Once you have found ‘the one’ we create a negotiation plan and offer strategy. You go in fully armed. I help you assess the pest and building reports, the ‘tooing and frooing’ with the agent and each step you need to consider (including making plans to get it ready for rental asap).



Rinse and Repeat

Once you have secured your property, secured a tenant and are one step closer to your goal then it is time to rinse and repeat.

You now have the process, and knowledge of how to progress to your next purchase and most importantly the confidence to do it.

You are ready to go it alone and step confidently towards the destiny you have designed.

Long story short: I’ll do EVERYTHING in my power to get you into the right investment property as quickly as possible.


What if I can’t buy again?

You might be reading this and thinking noooo…………

I wish this was all available when I started buying. I have wasted time and $$$ but I now need to get it right.

You might even think……I only have one last chance.

Maybe you can’t afford another property.

Maybe you doubt that your current portfolio will get you to your goals.

Maybe you don’t even know what your goals are.

Well this mentoring is also for you.

A well kept secret is that we use the exact process as above to review your current properties and decide if they deserve the right to be taking up space not just in your balance sheet but clogging up your mind with worry.

I get it:

Some purchases you might regret.

Some purchases might have been based on a time that you didn’t know what you know now.

Let’s work out together how you move forward and not get dragged down by portfolio killers.

The hundreds of pieces of research required to make the right property choice will be expertly pulled together and it’s possible, that in a matter of weeks you will be on your way to building a successful property portfolio and to acquiring financial freedom.

What Australia’s Top Experts say About Jane Slack-Smith

There are those among us who have unusual abilities. Jane is one such person. Her ability to inspire, educate and motivate in easily understood language is unique.

– John Edwards
Founder and Chief Executive, Residex Pty Ltd

Jane’s authenticity and ease in which she communicates complicated issues, is very impressive. This really is an incredible course (and I have seen many) and I encourage you to consider an investment in this program.

– Bryce Holdaway
Location Location Australia on Foxtel Lifestyle Channel
The Property Couch Podcast

Jane Slack-Smith is one of the true property success stories and property professionals in Australia. She combines an astute knowledge of the industry as well as of demographics to achieve the best possible outcome. And Jane is a nice person. What more do you need!

– Bernard Salt
Social Commentator, Author, Columnist

How Jane can help you achieve your property goals

Let me help you get on track to growing your property portfolio

Back in 2011 when I created the Your Property Success Education Portal, I never imagined the kind of impact it would have. I was hoping to help a few hundred people discover how easy it is to invest effectively and safely using The Trid3nt Strategy® methodology that I developed to build my own property portfolio.

However, it turned out there were many more people out there who had big, unrealised hopes and dreams than I thought.

Your Property Success has now helped more than 3,500 everyday Australians learn how to invest actively using low-risk property strategies.

Having the chance to help so many people has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. I’ve watched as everyday men and women have been able to finally achieve their most important goals—often goals that previously seemed impossible and remained just out of reach. Goals like purchasing a fantastic investment property, in a great area, that forms the foundation of an accelerated wealth-building property portfolio.

Goals like making tens of thousands of dollars in lump sum profits from their first strategic renovation and then hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital growth afterwards.

However, on the flip side, there have also been people who haven’t applied the strategies and techniques they have learnt.

As educators, this is devastating to us and it’s something that we have spent the last 3 years examining closely by initiating regular feedback from our students.

Our students kept sharing that the biggest threats to achieving their goals were losing focus, not having the time to do the research property and not having the confidence to make purchase decisions.

These are the 3 underlying problems that prevent people from seeing it through to the end and getting the result they set out to achieve.

That’s when we really started examining the question deeply. What if we could just do it for them?

Many people had asked us this question over the years and it just seemed there were too many hurdles preventing us from working with clients directly in this way. After all, we were an education business, not a service business or financial advisor or buyer’s agent. There seemed many reasons why this was too hard.

In 2017 however, we decided to re-examine this more closely. What exactly would it look like if we did the research and purchase investment properties on people’s behalf? As it turned out the hurdles were not as big as we had thought! So, we got to work and created a recipe for success.

I want to personally invite you to apply to my Mentoring Program this year.

If your someone who is time poor or just want to shortcut this entire process, let’s start talking. Because for a very reasonable fee we can do everything for you and get you investing with confidence as soon as possible.

Don’t let anything hold you back from achieving what matters most in your life. My Mentoring Program is the single fastest way to invest in the very best areas you can afford.

And most importantly, you will be investing with peace of mind – what price can you put on that? – What’s it worth to you to know that your investment decisions are supported by a foundation of a thorough research methodology and the best information and data available?

The dreams you have inside your heart and mind matter. They deserve to be realised. There’s a lot at stake. And, you don’t have to work it all out on your own.

So, work with us this year. I can’t wait to help you achieve real property success.