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Your Property Success is an online step-by-step framework that helps homeowners and investors buy the right property at the right price. Visit for more.
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Last Time to be Offered!
The not another … End of Financial Year sale?

…Nope because it is still going… 🙂

Massive Savings!!!

The Mega Course Bundle “The Lot”

With “The Lot” you’ll get:

  • Access to the Ultimate Guide to Renovation till 31/12/23
  • Access to the Location Masterclass till 31/12/23
  • Access to Renovate Yourself Renovate Your Wealth ongoing
  • Access to Your Way to Wealth ongoing


  • NOTE access to The Suburb Selector Software ceases in June 30th 2023

This incredible collection of courses includes everything you need to gain the knowledge and skills to take control of your finances and build a better future for yourself.

This is a special offer to my Your Property Success community. Over the years I have learnt that the most important real estate you will ever invest in, is between your ears. But there was always something else that I could sense was derailing people from their financial goals. So I went deep and over the last 4 years I have worked with a very small intimate group of clients to do what was needed to get them across the line and the investment and portfolio they desired. But something kept coming up, we would find the suburb, the street, even the type of property and set up alerts – essentially everything I have taught over the last 11 years in The Ultimate Guide to Renovation course and the Location Masterclass, in the webinars, workshops around the country and the monthly Q&A calls I have done for the last 9 years….. why even with my hand holding were they still holding back..

So I went on a journey of learning about success and hence why I am announcing THE SHIFT.

My goal is to help people gain financial abundance, remove the #1 cause of divorce, have more children sitting around the table learning about financial abundance from their parents and creating inter-generational change. A lofty goal. The one thing I know is that information is power and I am putting it in your hands

The truth is that it doesn’t start with property education, your vision, where to buy, what to buy, when to buy…. it starts with you.

So in recent months I have been pulling together a number of affordable courses to assist people in looking deep into what has been holding them back. Tools to understand what the old operating system is and why they need an upgrade. You know me. I am a logic, data driven engineer at heart. I am not into the ‘woo woo’ but I am into the ‘wow’ of how to fast track people to their goals. You can check out my new website here at which gives lots of details on the courses. As you can see I am still mentoring small groups of people, but I have shifted to assisting people to create the businesses of their dreams, and that all starts in working out what the life is you want, and what is holding you back.

Most of my Your Property Success mentoring private clients have been on this journey with me and the extraordinary success I have seen across all aspects of their lives is what has prompted me to double down in this new venture. It is not a change my lofty goal is still the same.

So as a ‘hoo-roo’ to YPS and hello to YSC I am pulling together a ‘no-brainer’ of an offer.

Who is this for?

  • If you have spent years consuming all my free material and thought ‘one day’ I will invest in that $2997 or $997 course – then your day has come
  • If you have already bought my courses and thought but I am still not where I want to be, not just in my financial situation but in other areas of my life – then this is for you
  • If you are getting ready to buy, you see all the signs, but you are just waiting.. for… the ‘perfect’ time, the ‘right’ expert, the bell to ring to mark the next market boom… then ding- a-ling

My goal with this ‘last hurrah’ offer  will transform your life so you can not just achieve your financial goals but your vision of the life you would like to live.

That is why I have put all of my most valuable training together in “The Lot”

That is my premium courses but my 2 new courses as well and they are now available now for only $695

I have taken all the Your Property Success courses off the market – they are no longer for sale and that is where this was going to end.

So let’s first get clear on what you are getting: I am going to be super clear on this – you will have access to The Ultimate Guide to Renovation and the Location Masterclass till the end of the year ie Dec 31st 2023 but the Suburb Selector Software data only includes market data up till June 2023 and will no longer be updated – however the census data on suburbs is up to date. However you get ongoing access to my 2 brand new signature courses.

There are 3 new data research platforms I am trialling at the moment and at that time I will recommend to you which would be an even better replacement tool. So you get the courses till the end of the year (all videos and supporting spreadsheets etc are downloadable), but the Suburb Selector Software ceased end June 2023. I created the SSS because I didn’t believe that there was a good enough tool to give up to date market data and cross reference with census data – good news now there is – and from what I have seen as a Beta tester for some of these they are awesome!

Just as a recap – you are getting:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Renovation – RRP $2997
  • The Location Masterclass – RRP $997
  • The Renovate Yourself Renovate Your Wealth course – RRP $397
  • The Your Way to Wealth (The Magician’s Way) – RRP $397

Are you ready to join “The Ultimate Guide To Renovation”?

Say Goodbye To Property Confusion And Hello To Predictable, Low Risk & Lucrative Investing

The Ultimate Guide To Renovation

The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Is a 12-week video course that walks everyday investors, step-by-step, through the process of finding, buying, renovating and profiting from run-down properties in high growth areas.

We’ll take you through the entire process from finding the exact property (that will grow in value significantly faster than the rest of the market), right through to negotiating the best deal, and conducting strategic renovations so you make at least $2, $3 or even $4 for every $1 spent on improvements.

An Extraordinary Training That Gets You Investing Like A Genius, By Removing All The Guesswork And Risk…

Location Masterclass Online is designed for one purpose only:

To get you into the best possible suburbs that you can afford, within the shortest possible time frame…

This integrated program is much more than just property investment course.

It’s a complete system you can easily plug into, to build your portfolio effectively and safely… without struggling through months of research, or completely turning your lifestyle upside down…

Location Masterclass Online

Renovate Yourself Renovate Your Wealth

Achieve The Financial Abundance You Desire

Often you might find yourself defaulting to your ‘set point’

You get an income boost but after a while the money is gone and you go back to life as you have always known it.

Many people find that the money stories from their past are running on a continuous loop – one they can’t escape.

This workshop explores your old operating system and gives you tools to create a new one. After all why run on MS-DOS when Windows 11 is available?

Your Way to Wealth 

Achieve a Magical Life of Abundance one beyond your wildest Dreams

We deep dive into The Magicians Way by William Whitecloud and exploring the secrets to success and how they can help unlock your blockages and creating the wealth, business, life your truly desire. You can watch each of the secrets at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.