February 2017 – The Meaning Behind The Numbers with Louis Christopher

It’s all about trusting the numbers right? But what if the numbers are wrong or even biased?In this episode you will learn the real meaning behind the numbers as we are joined by one of Australia’s most respected property analysts, Louis Christopher from SQM Research.Louis is on a personal mission to make high quality, impartial […]

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February 2017 – Valuations with Kieran Clair

Have you ever been disappointed with a valuation on your property? Do you suspect the banks instruct valuers to get the lowest possible (fire sale) valuation?And what is the right way to get the best possible valuation for our property?Today guest property journalist and former valuer Kieran Clair, will ‘tell all’ and also give us […]

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January 2017 – The Ripple Effect with Medine Simmons

What if you could pin point the next up and coming suburbs using nothing more than a wall map and some coloured dots….Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?Today’s very special guest has developed a technique, which costs under $100, and you can do it at home yourself and best of all it’s designed to uncover the […]

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October 2016 How to Avoid Renovation Mistakes and Increase Profits

In today’s special podcast we discuss the incredibly powerful strategy of strategic renovation!We’ll give you the proven techniques, tips and tricks for getting it right every time and show you how to avoid the biggest mistakes that so many people make… Please click here to get access to the Show Notes, Links, Transcript and much more.  One […]

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